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Welcome to Backgrounds By Marie. You may use any of my background sets; please download and save to your hard drive, right click and choose "save" or "save as". All I ask is that you please use one of my small logos that are located on the sets and display it on the pages where you use my backgrounds. Or if you use a Credits Page, please display it there :-) Two of the logos are transparent gifs. On my newer Background Sets I've made logos to match those sets. If you don't want to use the logos, please use a text link. Concerned about privacy? Read Site Privacy Policy. Please read the Terms Of Use before using any of my Background Sets or Graphics. It's located under Help And News. Please sign my Guestbook while you're here.

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Order your own Custom Header to match any of my Background Sets offered on this site. With this, the set will look like it's your own. Please click here to place your order:
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If you would like a one of a kind Background Set, please visit the menu and Important Sites Here and go to Exclusive Sets For Sale. These are made from scratch and will be customized for you. Once purchased, you own the right to them and the set is deleted from my site. They are perfect for either a professional or personal site. All Sets Are $40.00--THIS IS ON ALL SETS!!! THE SETS ON SALE ARE AT A REDUCED PRICE!! UPDATED.

Always check What's New under Help And News to see what new sets I've added :-) I'd love to hear your comments or suggestions; please sign my Guestbook. UPDATED ON APRIL 1, 2012.
Thank You, Marie

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