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You are welcome to use any of my graphics. Please DO NOT link from this site. The names of the graphics will be changing constantly. If you do that you'll have broken images. Please download and save to your hard drive. These Notecards and Calling Cards are free for your Web Sites for you to enjoy, no link is required back :-) These graphics may not be altered in any way, and/or be included in any graphics collection. Thank You!

I hope you enjoy these Notecards/Calling Cards to add to your Web Sites, or leaving in Guestbooks you sign, or your Email messages. These Notecards are blank so you can add your own text to them. I'd love to hear from you either by signing my Guestbook or posting to the Message Board as to whether or not you like this new addition *S*

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I hope you have enjoyed browsing through these graphics and will consider using them. New graphics will be added on an ongoing basis. Again, thanks for stopping by!!!




The envelopes tubes came from SMG Design Tubes. She has a beautiful collection of tubes to use.
SMG Design Tubes

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