Artistic Designers

Complete setup of a Business or Personal Web Site at your specified location. If you are already on-line you may have Web Space available to you through your Server. Check with them to find out if space is available, how much is available and their monthly hosting charge, if any. If you don't have a location, we can obtain one for you at one of the many FREE Web Site Hosts on the Web. If you wish to have your own domain we can obtain a Small or Commercial Business Site for you. We will register your domain name and obtain web site hosting for you; this cost will be paid by you. I highly recommend Esosoft where I host my site. You can check them out here: Esosoft. This decision will be up to you as to where you want to place your Site on the Web.

We work to provide our Clients with a streamlined, fast loading, affordable web presence; enabling them to promote their business, interests or concerns on the Internet. Our goal is to give you a web product that can be accessed quickly and that will effectively convey your message. We are here for you 24 Hours a day to maintain your site.

We will also work to promote your Web Site: Locally, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally. We will submit and update your Web Site once a month and you will receive the results in E-mail. These services are provided with the update options.


  • Sites that contain Pornography or are Offensive.
  • Streaming Videos.
    These items are labor-intensive, will cost you more, and take up bandwidth.
    Most of these extend the download time of your web site and could cause a potential client or web viewer to click elsewhere instead of waiting.

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